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Industry 4.0, what is the intelligence customers want to implement in the autoclave?

Special machine manufacturing by Steriflow

For the first time, Steriflow manufactured an industrial autoclave with a very large capacity. The vessel, with a 2-meter diameter and an about 10m length, required a specific technical design

Sterilization of a trendy product: ICED COFFEE

When food industry professionals invest in industrial autoclaves for the sterilization of innovative and trendy products, Steriflow is the natural choice.

Milk pouch sterilization in the food industry

Steriflow supports its customers in the choice of the optimal solution for the sterilization of their product.

Delivery of your autoclaves and spare parts

Autoclaves can be delivered anywhere in the world, by any required transport means.

Success story: Choosing Steriflow autoclaves

Steriflow’s industrial autoclaves are recognized and praised by its customers for their manufacturing quality and robustness.

Understand the difference between sterilization and pasteurization

Depending on the desired storage method, at ambiant or refrigerated temperature, the level of treatment of the product should be set, allowing the manufacturer to opt for sterilisation or pasteurisation.

Energy and water management in the Steriflow industrial environment for pasteurization and sterilization

In a context where actions to limit energy consumption are required, Steriflow aims to propose sterilization solutions to increase productivity while saving energy and water.

Prohibition of plastic containers and utensils by 2020: a turning point for packaging professionals

On October 25, 2018, the French Constitutional Council rule on the Agriculture and Food Law, which prohibits the marketing and use of a many number of plastic containers.

Industry 4.0: The Fourth Industrial Revolution, improving Safety and Quality in the Factory

With the advent of digitilization, industries are becoming more competitive and offer personalized products and services. The industry of the future is moving towards an interconnected global system.

Sterilize medical equipment in extreme conditions

Robustex is adapted to all situations. Its sterilization process leaves neither residues nor discharges. The low amount of fuel needed and the speed of temperature rise are assets.

Mastering your production and preventing hardship at work thanks to automation

Steriflow limits the impact of hard work on the health of employees by developing automated lines

Result of the carbon footprint end of 2018

Steriflow measure his carbon footprint.