Mastering your production and preventing hardship at work thanks to automation

Preventing musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)

By developing automated lines, Steriflow limits the impact of hard work on the health of employees. The stress of repeated gestures and the weight of heavy loads can affect the body and cause a slowdown in productivity. Often musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) cause a drop in performance or even absenteeism. Adopting the right actions reduces the risk of MSDs and provides a better quality of life at work for your employees.

Why choose automatic locking?

Really time savers, automation offers a guarantee of increased productivity, and allows the handling of plastic or aluminum trays and flexible bags at high speed. The automatic stacking consists in depositing the previously prepared pouches on special trays. A complete stack consists of several layers of pockets stored in trays. The products are loaded thanks to a robot. Placed on shuttles, loading in the autoclave for sterilization is simple and effortless. The automation of the snap-on / release allows a dynamic accumulation of products.

Is it possible to automate an autoclave already in operation?

To configure autoclaves in an automatic mode is feasible. Recently Steriflow was questionned by one of its customers wished to increase its activity. The market being more than favorable, the latter decided to invest in 3 additional autoclaves. From 2 to 5 autoclaves, it was wise and cost effective to consider automation. The two Steriflow static autoclaves already in its possession were repatriated to the Roanne plant for modification and configuration in automatic mode.

How a 100% automated line works

Once autoclaves are delivered, they are assembled and set up by Steriflow technicians. Industrial sterilizers are generally placed at the end of the production chain, receiving packaged products: boxes, glass jars, pocket or plastic barquette. Products are automatically placed in baskets. Robots perform filling and stacking. Once completed, they are moved automatically on shuttles and stored in the autoclave vessel. The closure of the automated door allows the cycle to start without human intervention. After the cycle is finished, the vessel is reloaded, trays are emptied and brought back in the circuit.
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