Our sterilization/pasteurization solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

For over 40 years, STERIFLOW has been providing scalable heat treatment solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. Our range of retort : superheated water, ventilated steam/air, saturated steam and Robustex, enables us to offer a broad base of solutions to our customers.

A wide range of autoclaves for sterilization/pasteurization of your pharmaceutical products

Depending on the product and packaging (glass bottle, PVC bags, PP pouch, syringe) according to product and heat treatment to be applied (sterilization, tyndallization…) our engineers will help you to select the most appropriate retort that suits your project. Our retort provide a wide variety of load volume from 90L (Robustex for NGOs) to more than 25m3.

Our solutions for the sterilization of your pharmaceutical products :

Streaming superheated water Autoclave
Ventilated air/vapor Autoclave
Saturated steam Autoclave
Robustex 90L for NGOs Autoclave




  • 304L or 316L Material.
  • Internal polishing.
  • Vertically opening door  : The design intends to provide our customers the highest possible level of safety for opening and closing process. Our expertise remains identical, with the same high level of security through horizontal or vertical opening.
  • Radar level : To precisely measure water levels in the autoclave. Calculation with guaranteed accuracy on performance and energy consumed. Optimization of energy costs.
  • Recorder : Automatic record of Cycle control. Optionally it is possible to add another recorder for additional security. The digital video recorder provides historical information about temperature, pressure and time (sterilization cycle parameters). If one of the control systems fails recorder continues to record cycle data. The information is then saved.
  • 2nd Water system  : In addition to standard cooling water system at the normal temperature, it is possible to add a second Chilled-water distribution systems. Rapid cooling leads to a shorter cycle.
  • After-sales service  : Ubiquity secures direct computer link-up with our customers from our office. Our highly secure operating system solves nearly 90% of customer requests anywhere in the world.
  • Basket elevators : Reduce loading drudgery and transport of packaging into retort baskets to improve operator comfort. This solution is part of the sustainable development strategy.
  • Automatic production line : Less manual materials handling is required as all of it is done automatically. Packaging goes in baskets, baskets goes to the retorts, a device for the automated handling. An operator is located on a raised platform to ensure smooth operation of the process.
  • Stainless Steel Front Panels: This option allows an efficient separation between the production zone and technical zone.
  • PALL filter on compressed air: The equipment (PALL or equivalent) filters the compressed air injected into the autoclave. Filter cartridge can be sterilized in place in manual or semi-auto mode.
  • Flowmeter. This function measure the process waterflow very accurately. The information is sent to the control system and an alarm would be triggered in case of absnormal waterflow measured.