Tailor-made solutions at the cutting edge of innovation


Steriflow is constantly evolving to improve the efficiency and the performance of its products. Our range of autoclaves is made to meet perfectly every needs of the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Innovation and knowledge transfer


Several generations were met within our Company since 1974. As transmission does not go hand in hand with stagnation but with developments, older generations bring their expertise and know-how when younger generations come with newest trends and ideas in technology.

The varying distribution of generations has shown itself to be positive to develop a knowledge-sharing framework : skills transfer about good understanding of company’s product quality and values.

As the leader in its market, Steriflow is seen as a reference in Cascading Water. Therefore, we act locally, close to our customers in order to meet their requirements and help them identify and implement the integrated solution that is best suited to their needs depending on the sector and the geographic location. Our expertise is in the sterilization to all available criteria on the market.

Testez la stérilisation de vos produits alimentaires et médicaux
Essais produits

Product Testing

Product testing are performed in our plant pilot center in Roanne. A recently renovated building offering our customers a wide range of services including product and packaging testing.

Static and rotary autoclaves, Dali and Shaka are available in our pilot center. It is partly dedicated to the preparation of products before autoclaving.