Quality, Reliability and maintenance Simplicity

Our Static Steriflow is an autoclave that is extremely easy to use. Indeed, as the number of mechanical parts is reduced, maintenance is simplified and restricted to the bare minimum. The MPI programmer runs the cycle automatically, and serves as a recording device and control interface, fitted into an architecture similar to a hardened industrial computer setting. This autoclave is suited for sterilizing your jars, cans, bottles, pouches, trays, etc.

Static Steriflow water cascading


Perfectly suited for the food industry, this autoclave combines simple use and reliable construction – guaranteeing more longevity. If we had to sum up our Steriflow Static in 2 words it would be simplicity and solidity. An autoclave that is both reassuring thanks to its consistency and complies with current requirements as it is less energy-consuming than most of its competitors. This autoclave is perfectly suited for food sterilization.

How a Steriflow Static autoclave works and is used :
The Steriflow Static is fitted with a powerful pump, for shorter and more homogeneous cycles. All the products inside the autoclave get the same thermal treatment, regardless of their position. The reduced cycle time also ensures better results.

static autoclave operation steriflow

Technical specifications :

Standard diameters:

  • 900 mm,
  • 1,300 mm, this diameter corresponds to the maximum size of a manual basket (476 1/1 cans) and a capacity of 1 to 12 baskets.
  • 1,450 mm,
  • 1,600 mm,
  • 1,800 mm,
  • 2,000 mm,
  • 2,100 mm (the first of its category in 1982),
  • 2,300 mm (the first in 1984).
  • With a capacity of 2 to 7 baskets.


  • As the number of mechanical parts is reduced, there are fewer mechanical breakdowns. This has an impact on maintenance costs, which are of course lower.
  • Given its simple use, training time is also greatly reduced.
  • High level of flexibility: it can adapt to all types of packaging (cans, jars, glass or plastic jars, etc.).
  • All products are cooled with sterilized water.

Product and packaging types

This autoclave is adapted to all types of packaging :

  • large pouches
  • plastic trays
  • small pouches
  • plastic or glass containers/jars
  • cans, etc.


  • Fish in cans
  • baby food in jars
  • Canned vegetables
  • Sausage plastic bags
  • Sauce in pouches
  • Pet food pouches
  • Glass or plastic jars
  • Petfood-Steriflow-Best-process-Sterilization
    Sterilize your Pet food tray products
  • Fish in pouches
  • Baby food in pouches
  • Canned meat
  • Vacuum packaging
  • Beverage cans
  • Pet Food casings


This will lead us to ensure long product lifetime thanks to its rugged design which has shown itself to be extremely reliable. If we had to summarise the Steriflow Static in two words, it would be : robustness and simplicity. This retort is both reassuring for consistency and still up to date as it uses much less energy than its competitors.

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Basket design is related to packaging :
We ensure package integrity by using basket designs suitable for our customer needs and a good homogeneity of the temperature inside the basket.
Regardless their position, below or above the basket, the quality fo the product will be the same.

Cans / jars :
Stainless steel baskets that contain plastic layer pad between layers.

Flexible packaging (large pouches, plastic trays, small pouches) :
We offer stackable baskets with stainless steel trays. Packaging are safely stacked one on top of the other, avoiding distortion.

  • Accessoire autoclave steriflow
    PCR type basket W1
  • PET type basket W2
  • Panier PTP pour emballages flexibles
    PTP type basket
  • Plastic crate W13