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Industry 4.0, what is the intelligence customers want to implement in the autoclave?

Delivery of your autoclaves and spare parts

Autoclaves can be delivered anywhere in the world, by any required transport means.

Optimize alimentary sterilization of sauces in jars

A custom-designed sterilization and pasteurization autoclave for a renowned Italian industrialist

Investment : Replacement of our welding equipment

A new generation Under Melt welding system was installed this summer in our autoclave workshop to ensure the quality of our welds and to facilitate the work of our welders.

Sterilization, pasteurization, vacuum cooking: What differences?

Steriflow autoclaves make it possible to heat treat a very wide variety of products in any kind of packaging in order to provide a shelf life appropriate to their marketing.

Case Study

Hyaluronic acid sterilization: heat treatment and preservation of the molecular weight

A pilot rotary autoclave for a Research and Development Center

Customized autoclave to meet Research requirements.

Laboratory tests on vegetable food

For several months we have been making tests with vegetable proteins.

Food preservation

A famous French program « C’est pas sorcier » shows sterilization and Food preservation techniques

Platular Heat Exchanger : Quality and simplicity

Key technical differencies with the plate & gasket exchanger

The Liftop: An innovative basket handling solution

Easy to install and to manipulate

Chosing in-countainer pasteurization for dairy products

With Steriflow Dali,  quality and healthy products for a very low price

The Barcode Reader : Auto cycle sterilization to prevent errors

A user-friendly device

304L stainless steel : A better corrosion resistance

Steriflow provides you with the best quality

Case study Sterilization of unusual food products in pouches to fight malnutrition in Africa

Sterilization of unusual food products in pouches to fight malnutrition in Africa

Forklift loading, a cost-efficient solution

A manual basket loading alternative

A Steriflow device to measure package distortion and find the right pressure program

A device linked to your MPI Expert

Secure the access rights to your autoclaves with the RFID system

A simple device to improve data secutiry and traceability

Platular® heat exchanger : Energy savings and less maintenance

How does it work ?

Sterilization of liquid coffee extract

Steriflow recently put in operation a cascading water retort for the heat treatment of coffee extract.