Optimize alimentary sterilization of sauces in jars

Steriflow has been supporting a famous Italian company in choosing an industrial autoclave. It had to meet sterilisation requirements for industrially-produced tomato sauce in glass jars. After several trials conducted in partnership with Steriflow’s teams, a custom-designed sterilisation solution was selected.

Various lab trials with a view to optimising the product's food sterilisation process :

Several trials were done on product sterilisation, and on its packaging. Each product and each packaging has its own specific features that need to be considered when defining a sterilisation cycle. The end goal is to optimise the food sterilisation cycle.

From the Microflow pilot trial to the industrial autoclave trial :

The Italian company is equipped with a pilot Microflow steriliser (provided by Steriflow), in which preliminary internal trials have been conducted for small production quantities. The purpose of those conducted in our trial laboratory in Roanne was to check the replicability of Microflow results in an industrial-sized autoclave. The conclusion of these trials was that results were perfectly identical. Having a Microflow thus enables companies to validate small-scale product sterilisation, before securely launching large-scale industrial production.  

Homogeneous temperature distribution in the autoclaves for improved industrial yield :

In order to ensure homogeneous sterilisation for each product contained in the autoclave, it is important for each jar to undergo the same heat treatment. Sensors have been fitted in the basket to check for homogeneous temperature distribution throughout the various layers. Once again, our autoclaves proved their efficacy, with homogeneous temperatures detected in the vessel regardless of the jar’s position. Indeed, our industrial sterilisers are fitted with a very high-flow pump paired with a Platular® exchanger provided by Barriquand Echangeurs. This ensures efficacy and good temperature homogeneity, which are conducive to the reputation of Steriflow’s autoclave range. 

 Lab trials to test packaging resistance during sterilisation :

The process selected for sterilising jarred sauces was rotational sterilisation. The various parameters and settings specific to this process type therefore needed to be validated. The various lab trials conducted enabled the customer to select the best possible solution for preserving packaging integrity during its sterilisation in an autoclave.

Collaborative work for a custom-designed industrial sterilisation solution :

For two years, engineers from the Italian company regularly came to our laboratory in Roanne to conduct all the product sterilisation and packaging resistance trials. Every time, two palettes of jars were analysed during and after the sterilisation cycle trials. Each stage of this support process was rigorously scheduled, and compliance with the set agenda confirmed the advantages of working as a supplier-customer partnership.

Satisfied every step of the way, the Italian customer decided to order five rotary autoclaves with superheated cascading water. Above and beyond the technical aspect, the company chose to go with Steriflow’s professionalism and a range of high-performance autoclaves. The latter will be fitted into an all-new showcase factory in Italy.   Steriflow makes its know-how and equipment available to customers, to refine their needs and offer them a sterilisation/pasteurisation/vacuum-cooking solution that is most adapted to their production.    

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