Platular Heat Exchanger : Quality and simplicity

Key technical differencies with the plate & gasket exchanger

The picture shows us the appearance of the plates that constitute the Platular Heat Exchanger used in the Steriflow autoclaves. Because the space between the plates is 6 times larger with the Platular Exchanger (3 mm, against 0,5 mm for a P&G exchanger), the Platular Exchanger allows less fouling than an ordinary plate and gaskets exchanger.

An other advantage of the Platular Heat Exchanger is the simplicity of its valves sytem. On standard equipment, there are no proportionnal valves on steam and water. This is particularly appreciated because it reduces considerably the maintenance costs.

To finish, there is no by pass on cooling with the exchanger used by Steriflow ; 100% of the flow goes through. It dramatically reduces the cycle time of cooling !

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