Success story: Choosing Steriflow autoclaves

Choose a Steriflow industrial autoclave

Steriflow’s industrial autoclaves are recognized and praised by its customers for their manufacturing quality and robustness.  In addition, Steriflow continuously supports its customers by offering them various services (calibration, cartography, training, maintenance, etc.). Through this technical support, close and trusting relationships are created between the two parties. Recently, an industrial company in the United Arab Emirates, which had initially chosen to set up an autoclave from the another supplier in its plant, finally turned to Steriflow’s expertise to support it in its condensed milk sterilization project. Indeed, many malfunctions on this first autoclave and the absence of reactive technical service from the manufacturer, forced the customer to abandon the use of this device.  Steriflow’s sales team worked with its engineers to find the most appropriate solution for this customer. In view of the needs and specificities of the product to be sterilized, a rotating Steriflow was proposed.

What is the manufacturing process for condensed milk

Unsweetened or slightly sweetened condensed milk, also known as evaporated milk in many countries, is a product made from cow’s milk, from which 60% of the water content has been evaporated. Once evaporation has taken place, the product is refrigerated, stabilized, packaged and sterilized. Evaporated milk is characterized by a slight caramelized taste and has a slightly darker colour than fresh milk. This aspect is the result of the product passing at high temperature during the heat treatment.

How to sterilize condensed milk

Unsweetened or slightly sweetened condensed milk must undergo a sterilization process, which is not necessary in the case of sweetened condensed milk (sugar increases shelf life). The unsweetened product is dosed in cans that are hermetically seamed and then placed in the baskets of the autoclave. The cans are then sterilized by Steriflow’s patented water cascading process. The agitation of the products by rotating the drum inside the sterilizer prevents browning on the edges of the packaging and improves their organoleptic quality.

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