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Steriflow is specialized in the design and manufacture of autoclaves. Established in Roanne – France, in the Loire district – since 1974, production is mainly sourced from regional or even national companies, which in turn gives a great reactivity. “Our staff have been trained in France and have a great know-how in boilermaking, mechanics, electronics and processes,” says Charles-Henri DE LA MOTTE, President of Steriflow. ” We also have a mechanical engineering office, another for electrical studies, and a laboratory for tests in real conditions, allowing validation of pasteurization and sterilization cycles. ” 

New customized scalable equipment

Steriflow also pays particular attention to the control of the devices and the control-command systems.

“Our electronic equipment is scalable and state-of-the-art. They are able to provide feedback on the control and data acquisition systems (SCADA) and the ERP of our customers, “explains Charles-Henry De La Motte.More than ever, the company is committed to offering solutions, both electronic and mechanical, that are both practical and efficient to enable customers to increase their efficiency. To accompany them in France and around the world, Steriflow has dedicated technical and sales teams. »

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