Grapes rehydration and shelf stability

From product requirement to solution provided

Customer request : One customer was looking for a solution to increase the shelf life of his re-hydrated dried grapes. Dried grapes were placed into a pouch with 25% of water and 75% of fruits. The process in autoclave should allow rehydration and shelf stability.

Proposal : Considering the unusual product to be processed, Steriflow decided to proceed to trials in the pilot hall in Roanne, France. After finding the right temperature and time cycle, Steriflow was able to calculate the adequate autoclave volume.

Design & Production : Based on volume required, a Steriflow static diameter 1300mm, 6 baskets was quoted and eventually sold. 

Delivery : Considering that the customer wanted to process its product in multiple sizes of plastic bags, including large bags for catering, it was decided to deliver PET baskets. These baskets are equipped with a double bottom enabling a redistribution of water at each level.

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