Pasteurisation of veggie dishes: quality and control thanks to the water cascading process of the Steriflow autoclaves

The Steriflow team found an alternative solution to steam oven pasteurisation for a company supplying fruit and vegetables in trays : pasteurisation / sterilisation in an autoclave with water cascading. A well-known company specialised in the production of veggie dishes contacted us to find a solution to the problem of the alteration of the packaging caused during pasteurisation. Up until then, they had been pasteurising their products with steam oven.

The principle of steam oven pasteurisation

Steam oven pasteurisation consists of injecting steam into a tank. The steam injected heats the product up to 80° C. This solution does not allow high temperatures to be reached as it is not possible to control the counter-pressure. This would ensure that the appearance of the product is not altered and prevent the packaging from being deformed. 

Advantages of the Steriflow water cascading pasteurisation process

The Steriflow water cascading pasteurisation process makes it possible to increase the temperature in the autoclave. The pasteurisation cycles are shorter than those in a steam oven. A counter-pressure is applied to avoid the packaging being damaged. By a system of compressed air entering and escaping, our machines can re-balance the internal pressure that the product is subjected to and adjust it where necessary. At all times the pressure inside and outside the packaging is identical.The water cascading thermally treats all the products in the same manner thanks to the perfectly homogeneous temperature in the autoclave. Sensors inside it allow the temperature to be controlled during holding phase within +/- 0.5° range.

The Steriflow water cascading autoclave can be used for pasteurisation and sterilisation

Thanks to this process, the company can also increase its range of products. The Steriflow water cascading autoclave can be used for sterilising jars, cans, food in pots, products in glass packaging, bags, trays… By purchasing a Steriflow water cascading process autoclave for the pasteurisation of fruits and vegetables, the company that placed the order also looked to the future and innovation. Where steam oven are limited to pasteurisation of products for the refrigerated section, the Steriflow water cascading process autoclave also makes it possible to consider the sterilisation of certain products for the non-refrigerated sections.

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