The Gendreau Group speaks about us

The Gendreau group (Gendreau - Vif Argent - Le Grand Lejon) has been a Steriflow customer for nearly 20 years.

We have equipped their Steriflow autoclaves with the MPI Expert control system.
The associated barcode reader enables Vif Argent to select the cycle automatically, thus avoiding errors of input (still a possibility in a plant producing numerous references). It also makes it possible to identify the baskets before sterilization and after sterilization.

It is a very useful tool, which improves safety, and completes the products’traceability in the factory.

Thanks to them for this article. More information about Gendreau :

As a matter of fact, always in search of advanced equipment, we took advantage of our capacity to invest in these new devices equipped with scan.

On these equipments, the barcode printed on the cans can be scanned so that the autoclave loads automatically the sterilization program, thus avoiding any risk of error.
We have also made the choice of this equipment because it is less energy-consuming than the older ones.

In all our investments we are looking for solutions enabling us to increase our level of food safety while reducing our ecological impact.

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