Efficient Steriflow sterilization process for the pet food industry


Pet food sterilization: an expanding market

In France, more than 52%* of French households own a dog or cat. True members of the family, animals are pampered, and owners are committed to offering choice and quality food to their pets. The pet food industry has understood that the well-being and health of animals is of paramount importance for owners who wish to feed their animals according to their values. As with their own food, pet owners are above all looking for quality products that are adapted to the needs of their animals.
*Ipsos survey May 2020

Rely on the quality of Steriflow autoclaves for the sterilization of your pet food products.

Steriflow industrial autoclaves, using superheated water cascading sterilization process, are effective for the sterilization of pet food in cans, pouches, casings, aluminium or plastic trays, plastic bottles or glass jars. Our employees adapt our solutions to your needs, whether it is to meet an increase in your production or to replace obsolete equipment. We work on manual solutions but also on projects for fully automated lines. In the space of two years, Steriflow has doubled its sales in the pet food industry. With more than 320 units installed and a presence on five continents, the pet food industry relies on the Steriflow sterilization process. Find our solution for the sterilization of your pet food products by water cascading process: choose flexibility.

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