An alternative solution for the sterilization of parenteral solutions in pouches

An alternative solution for the sterilization of parenteral solutions in pouches

A historical operator contacted us for the sterilization of intravenous solution pouches for undernourished people. Traditionnaly, this kind of product is processed with rotation. After studying the request of the customer, our teams proposed a cheaper and quite as effective alternative : the DALI autoclave.
This autoclave functions with a process of longitudinal motion invented by Steriflow and it already showed its ability for the sterilization of a similar type of product at several Korean customers.

The Steriflow teams accompanied the pharmaceutical Turkish company in her decision making. This support helped to reinforce the equipment relevance and credibility of using the DALI autoclave for the sterilization of intravenous pouches. A sales manager and a Steriflow pharmaceutical project manager went on the field to answer all the questions inherent to this project.

The MPI Expert, an FDA certified technology for optimizing sterilization cycles

Our Steriflow teams took advantage of their visit to the Turkish company to present the new generation MPI Expert system. This system allows the programming of sterilization cycle and to follow in real time all the data of the cycle (temperature, pressure …) on one and same screen. The MPI Expert is a hardened industrial PC and a programmer that meets all the industrial requirements in a pharmaceutical environment.
This FDA certified MPI system also has the advantage of being able to be coupled with a paper recorder. We thus have the possibility of a double control which operates on sterilization cycles with the digital system of the MPI on one side and the paper system on the other.

The choice of the customer: the Dali autoclave combined with the MPI Expert

After several months of discussion, the customer finally opted for a DALI autoclave combined with MPI Expert. This choice of process is less expensive than a rotary autoclave and allows him to invest in a custom industrial sterilizer that fits to industrial pharmaceutical constraints.

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