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Steriflow quickly established itself as a European leader in industrial sterilization/pasteurization, thanks to a patented thermal process known as cascading water. Steriflow is now a leading company at the service of the agri-food and pharmaceutical industries, with close to 40 years dedicated to making and optimizing automatic pilot industrial autoclaves. Always listening to its customers and market evolutions, the company is constantly improving its processes. Our philosophy: good quality management for our products and services.

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      Sterilization of a trendy product: ICED COFFEE

      When food industry professionals invest in industrial autoclaves for the sterilization of innovative and trendy products, Steriflow is the natural choice.

      Sterilization of a trendy product: ICED COFFEE
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      La confiance des industriels marocains envers Steriflow

      Present in Morocco for about thirty years, Steriflow has been able to impose its place as a leader in industrial sterilization in the country.

      Moroccan industrialists' trust in Steriflow
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