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Steriflow Sterilizer Autoclave Baskets

Steriflow developed a range of baskets adapted to different kind of products and packaging : PCR type for rigid packaging, PTP and PET type for flexible packaging, PSR type basket and specific trays for rotation.


"PCR" type baskets

PCR baskets are suitable for metallic boxesglass jars, or any rigid stackable packaging by streaming. A plastic layer pad in polypropylene will be placed In between each products layer. The fold-down side of the basket (optional) facilitates the packaging manual loading. Stainless steel basket.Accessoire autoclave steriflow

"PTP" type baskets

PTP type baskets are suitable for small and medium-sized flexible packaging. It is made of stainless steel perforated stackable trays. Sides are full for streaming process. With Air/vapor process, trays are perforated on the sides to help circulate the Air/vapor mixture.
Panier PTP pour emballages flexibles

Stainless steel "PET" type basket :

Those stainless steel baskets are suitable for large size flexible packaging. Each tray is equipped with a double bottom enabling a redistribution of water at each level, with streaming.
Panier PET pour emballages flexibles de grande dimmension

"PSR" basket type for rotation glass or cans

Frame in stainless steel, allow to the Steriflow high-flow streaming water to cross between products at any angle of rotation. Fillers are insered between layers. Fillers are made of plastic (polypropylene) or in specific material in the event of fragile capsule.
Panier PSR pour boîtes ou bocaux en rotation

Specific tray for rotation pouch

When pouch products require rotation we offer specific trays with individual location for each pouch to avoid any packaging movement during rotation. Trays are designed depending on the packaging.
Panier autoclave Claie pour poche en rotation


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