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Handling and automatic lines

Provider of thermal solutions for more than 40 years, Steriflow® is with you every step of the way in for the design and implementation of comprehensive factories, along with expert manufacturers of handling equipment


Handling and automatic lines

Steriflow® offers comprehensive  and custom-made solutions, taking all your specificities into account. Our autoclaves integrate perfectly  in your industrial ecosystem, whether it is semi-automated or fully automated.  For all kinds of packaging and materials : cans, glass jars, pouch, plastic tray

Our solutions for your semi-automatic sterilization lines

Loading/unloading products into baskets
Manual solution with mechanical assistance:  basket lift for working at height  (for output lower than 1.5 layers per minute).

chargement dechargement de paniers

Aware of the safety issues surrounding  such tasks and in particular musculoskeletal  disorders, Steriflow® offers a number  of solutions to improve comfort  and optimise your handling operations.

Autoclave loading platforms : 

quai dde chargement autoclaves

Our solutions for your automatic sterilization lines

Fully automated solution  

solution tout automatique autoclave

Automatic shuttle system 

système de navettes automatiques autoclaves

Example of an automated Steriflow line: 

ligne automatisee steriflow autoclave 2d

Installation video of a complete automatic rotary STERIFLOW line : 

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