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Quality, Reliability and Easy to Maintain

This retort is really easy to use. With a small number of mechanical parts, maintenance and servicing are reduced to their minimum. The Industrial PC MPI programmer commands the cycle automatically, and serves both as a recorder and an interface control.


Cascading water Static Steriflow

All these significant benefits combined with reliability and a manufacturing quality widely recognised ensure a long product lifetime. If we were to sum up the Static Steriflow in two words, it would be simplicity and strength. This retort is reassuring by its consistency while being up-to-date thanks to its less-energy-consuming opposed to some of its competitors. 

How it operates :
Static Steriflow has a powerful pump resulting in shorter cycles, more homogeneous. All products inside the retort get treated the same at any operating position. Shorter cycle can provide better performance. 


Cascading water Static Steriflow

Technical specifications :

Standard sizes :

  • 900 mm,
  • 1300 mm, corresponding to maximum size of manually operable basket (476 cans 1/1) and a capacity from 1 to 12 baskets.
  • 1450 mm,
  • 1600 mm,
  • 1800 mm,
  • 2000 mm,
  • 2100 mm (the first of its kind in 1982),
  • 2300 mm (the former in 1984).
  • Capacity from 2 to 7 baskets

Benefits :

  • With a small number of mechanical parts, mechanical failure occurs less frequently. This advantage is seen as a significant maintenance cost saving.

  • Easy to use, learning time is reduced.
  • Great flexibility, fit to any packaging.
  • Packaging cooling is performed with sterile water.

Types of packaging or products  :

All types of packaging :

  • Big pouches
  • Small pouches
  • Plastic trays
  • Cans / jars



This will lead us to ensure long product lifetime thanks to its rugged design which has shown itself to be extremely reliable. If we had to summarise the Steriflow Static in two words, it would be : robustness and simplicity. This retort is both reassuring for consistency and still up to date as it uses much less energy than its competitors.

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