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Effective pouch sterilization for military people in extreme environments


Effective pouch sterilization for the military

Offering complete, nutritionally balanced meals with a pleasant taste is the challenge facing manufacturers who produce ready-to-eat meals for the army. Thanks to the Steriflow sterilization process, the nutritional quality and optimal sterilization of the product are guaranteed.

Modern containers (for army rations): pouches, light and easy to stock

With the development of flexible packaging (pouches), the transport of rations and storage are made easier. Numerous offered to the soldiers dishes (meat, fish, vegetables, vegetarian dishes, rice, cereals, pastas...) allow varied and balanced menus. An innovative heating system (heater pads) has been developed which, after inserting the ration into a pocket and adding water, allows the dishes to be heated. When working in environments where extreme temperatures can be observed (more or less 40 to 50 °C) and for an indefinite period of time, the products must be resistant and have a long use-by date.

Optimal sterilization of pouches thanks to water cascading process

Steriflow industrial autoclaves ensure a good temperature distribution thanks to the most efficient process on the market for industrial sterilization: water cascading process. The flexibility of the devices allows the sterilization of different product packages in each sterilization cycle thanks to our PET baskets. In fact, industrialists in the sector have noticed problems of homogeneity with other sterilization processes that led to overcooking and did not offer a good product's taste quality.
Our equipment can be found all over the world. Armies in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Eastern Europe consume quality ready meals sterilized in Steriflow.

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