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You will find on this page our latest news : trade shows, marketing information about new installations, retorts technical developments.

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    • Dairy Conference India

      Dairy Conference India

      Join the Steriflow teams from February 8 to 10, 2018 at the Adlux International Exhibition Center in India.
      Dairy conference India
    • Sara à Abidjan

      Sara à Abidjan

      From 24th novembre to 3rd december, we will participate at the SARA Exhibition which will take place in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.
      Sara in Abidjan, Ivory Coast
    • CFIA in Lyon

      CFIA in Lyon

      From 21 to 23th november, we will participate at the cfia Exhibition which will take place in Lyon, France.
      CFIA Lyon
    • Andinapack in Columbia

      Andinapack in Columbia

      From 7 to 10th november, we will participate at the Andinapack Exhibition which will take place in Bogota, Columbia.
      Andinapack Bogota
    • Gulfood in Dubaï

      Gulfood in Dubaï

      From 31th October to 2nd November, we will participate at the Gulfood Manufacturing Exhibition which will take place in Dubaï, United Arab Emirates.
      Gulfood in Dubaï
    • Anuga in Germany

      Anuga in Germany

      From 7 to 11thoctober, we will participate at the Anuga Exhibition which will take place in Köln, Germany.
      Anuga in Germany
    • Agroprodmash in Russia

      Agroprodmash in Russia

      From 9 to 13th october, We will participate at the 22nd Agroprodmash which will take place in Moscow, Russia.
      Agroprodmash in Russia
    • Investment : Replacement of our welding equipment

      Investment : Replacement of our welding equipment

      A new generation Under Melt welding system was installed this summer in our autoclave workshop to ensure the quality of our welds and to facilitate the work of our welders.
      Investment: Replacement of our welding equipment
    • Sterilization of meat in vacuum pouches

      An accompanying process and research with the customer to offer him the best sterilization for vacuum packaging meat with an industrial autoclave.
      Sterilization of meat in vacuum pouches
    • Inprodmash Ukraine

      Inprodmash Ukraine

      From 12 to 14th september, We will participate at the 26th Inprodmash in Ukraine which will take place in Kiev, Ukraine.
      Inprodmash in Ukraine
    • Foodtec India

      Foodtec India

      From 21 to 23 August, we will be participating in Foodtec India taking place in New Delhi at Pragati Maidan, India.

      Foodtec India
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