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Our food autoclave

Steriflow has been providing innovative solutions to Food Industry for more than 40 years, responding to various Pasteurization, Vacuum cooking and Sterilization requests.


Our range of autoclaves

Steriflow provides a wide range of autoclaves with several options in order to adapt effectively to requests from food industry. The standard models can have diameters from 900 mm to 2 300 mm, and a capacity from 1 to 12 baskets.

Discover all our models of autoclaves such as our flagship Static Steriflow, due to its great usability and the low energy consumption by steam condensates recovery. The Shaka, an innovative product we launched in 2009, has an agitating process which preserves far better the texture of food products.  

Please check our product data sheets, you will certainly find the most appropriate model based on your needs. Our technical department is at your disposal for any information and can help you make the most suitable choice for your needs.

Our range of autoclaves

How Cascading Water autoclave works :

Each cycle runs automatically according to parameters stored in the programmer MPI in the microprocessor. Filled baskets are placed manually in the STERIFLOW®. The door is closed manually and the cylinder is mechanically locked. Before starting to pump, water might be filled up to the ballast level (or filled during the first cycle). Then it processes water stream on unprocessed products with high flow.

The hydraulic system in the Steriflow water circuit process is : Pump -  platular® heat exchanger - water distributor – products runoff -  suction manifold – filtering – pump…

Throughout the entire cycle, back pressure in the shell is controlled by injecting or purging compressed air with two automatic valves. The pump stops. The end of the cycle is reported by a signal lamp and thereby allows opening of the door. Steriflow is unloaded and ready for another cycle.

  • Heat exchanger :
Manufactured on site (Roanne), Barriquand exchanger company has developed a specific system perfectly adapted to Steriflow process. Therefore, we are the only ones who propose such an exchanger : platular®. Providing maximum strength, our exchanger reduces maintenance tasks compared to other conventional ones. There is no gaskets between the plates and the exchanger : plates are welded one to another. This economical standard option reduces spare parts cost and material consumption, it is an environmental and economic asset. And one additional Steriflow innovation !

  • Back pressure programming cycle :
Compressed air is injected into the autoclave, this is a back pressure. It allows to program pressure cycle defined by the type of package to avoid damaging. Compressed air is directly injected to avoid deformation.

  • Energy saving :
Water is indirectly heated in the exchanger without running through the autoclave. Steam condensates are collected in the exchanger using much less energy than competitors.

  • Power :
An especially powerful pump makes the cycles shortened and more homogeneous. All products within the autoclave are treated the same wherever they are located. Reducing time cycles also provides better operating performance.

  • The door :
Locked by a pneumatic system blocking it throughout the cycle. Opening design remains the same when placed horizontally or vertically.

  • MPI Expert :
Control & safety system of high-performance optimised for ease of use, with settings saved automatically. A comprehensive solution with control, digital recording and Mimic diagram panel.

                          MPI Expert Steriflow


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  • Vertically opening door : Intends to provide our customers the highest possible level of safety on this kind of door operating system. Built on comparable techniques when placed horizontally or vertically by delivering the same security performance. Two half lids jointed the one into the other and identical numbers of teeth.
Vertically opening door for safe sterilization
  • Radar level : To precisely measure water levels in the autoclave. Calculation with guaranteed accuracy on performance and energy consumed. Optimization of energy costs.
Radar level to measure the water level in the autoclave
  • Recorder : Automatic record of Cycle control. Optionally it is possible to add another recorder for additional security. The digital video recorder provides historical information about temperature, pressure and time (sterilization cycle parameters). If one of the control systems fails recorder continues to record cycle data. The information is then saved.
Recorder to control the autoclave sterilization cycles
  • 2nd Water system : In addition to standard cooling water system at the normal temperature, it is possible to add a second Chilled-water distribution system. Rapid cooling leads to a shorter cycle.
Chilled-water distribution system for your autoclave

  • After-sales service : Ubiquity secures direct computer link-up with our customers from our office. Our highly secure operating system solves nearly 90% of customer requests anywhere in the world.
After-sales service to secure the operating system of your autoclave
  • Basket elevators : Reduce loading drudgery and transport of packaging into retort baskets to improve operator comfort. This solution is part of the sustainable development strategy.
Basket elevators for autoclave sterilization
  • Automatic production line : Less manual materials handling is required as all of it is done automatically. Packaging goes in baskets, baskets goes to the retorts, a device for the automated handling. An operator is located on a raised platform to ensure smooth operation of the process.
Automatic production line for the sterilization of your food products